Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jamberry Nails

I have a love/hate relationship with all things to do with my nails.  I absolutely love when I have a fresh coat of nail polish on my nails.  I feel more put together but I absolutely hate everything that gets me to that point.  Painting my own nails, waiting for them to dry or even going to a salon..its all a nightmare. When a friend of mine let me know she was going to host a Jamberry party I was very interested in trying it out. 

Jamberry’s are very similar to the Sally Hanson nail strips.  They always looked interesting to me in the store but couldn’t bring myself to spend $10-$14 on the package.  The Jamberry’s come in different size strips that you have to cut down to fit your nail.  They are adhesive but before you apply them to your nail you have to heat them with a hair dryer.  After you apply them to your nail, smooth them out and file them you have to hold your finger under a blast of hot air again to set them.

The process is a little labor intensive but I was fine with that.  It’s the waiting for my nails to dry and inevitably smudging them that drives me crazy!

The Jamberrys come in a ton of colors and designs that are super fun.  I loved the idea and the way they looked (without the ripples).  The claim is they will stay on for a week or 2.  Mine didn’t make it 2 days.  I will say that I think it was user error.  I don’t think I let them heat up enough and it is one of those things where the more you do it the easier it will get.  I am looking forward to trying them out again.  If I can figure out how to apply them correctly I will be a customer for life!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 4 Done!

I completed the Clean Eating Challenge!  I know I have been a little MIA and in the next few weeks I plan on correcting that but I wanted to give a little update regarding my health and wellness journey. 

The Clean Eating Challenge was a success in my eyes.  I only did it for 30 days and eating right and working out I dropped a size.  This is huge for me.  While working out isn’t something new for me actually seeing results is.  I now realize a lot of what I was doing wrong.  Results happen in the kitchen!!! I now know my protein intake needs to be a lot higher then I ever thought, a banana should no longer be my go to food, and I need to log every calorie into My Fitness Pal!  If I don’t make myself accountable for what I am eating I will fall back into my old ways.  In this challenge I did have Beachbody’s Shakeology for one meal a day.  While this is something I never thought I would enjoy I found myself looking forward to it.  I liked the fact that it was a mindless meal.  I made the same shake every day, knew exactly what to log and that it would be a super nutritious meal.  I plan on continuing to eat the way I have been but not hard on myself if I have a cheat item.  Just not a cheat item every day! 

As for P90X3, week 4 was what they call a transitional week.  I got to do Yoga, pilates and Isometrix all in one week which made for a very pleasant week in order to get your body ready for the beginning of Phase 2.  I just finished the first week of Phase 2 today and there were definitely some difficult workouts.  I was introduced to Extreme Upper and Lower which are exactly what they sound like.  30 minutes of hammering those muscle groups.  This phase also introduces you to MMX.  I had been looking forward to this workout since I first started the program.  I have always loved kickboxing classes and thought this would be perfect for me.  While I did enjoy it, about halfway through I got awful cramps in the back of both of my legs.  I have never experienced this before and it taught me a valuable lesson.  ALWAYS do your stretches and make sure you are hydrated.  I look forward to trying it out again next week and making it through the whole hour.