Friday, September 5, 2014

Pretty, Pink, Paisley Painted Table

I can't believe another season has come and gone. Even though my posts have been seriously lacking, it does not mean I have not been busy with various projects around the house. At the beginning of spring my mom picked up a great wood table and chair set for my little niece at a second time around sale but the table was painted blue and yellow.

I volunteered to repaint the table to match my niece's room better.  It came out adorable if I do say so myself! My sister loves all Lily Pulitzer so I decided I was going to paint the table in that theme.  My husband spray painted the table and chairs a light pink color. I found a paisley pattern Martha Stewart silk screen and used that to paint the table. I chose to do it in a more random design instead of a thought out pattern. I think it came out pretty nice. 


My little niece loves the new addition to her room and I could not be happier!