Thursday, May 28, 2015

Purple Spring Wreath

I have been so terrible about updating my blog the past few months and it is not for lack of content!  I have been busy crafting, baking, and learning new hobbies.  The problem is I have also been busy working and taking care of my boys.  I just do not seem to have the time to write a blog post.  More correctly, I do not have the time to take nice pictures! That is probably the most challenging part of blogging for me so excuse my pictures but I had to share my newest project.

I have been seeing a bunch of great tutorials for wreaths on Pinterest lately and I don't know about 
you but I have a hard time spending the money on a nice wreath.  I decided I was going to try my hand and make my own.  I went to AC Moore with my $10 off coupon and started picking out some silk flowers.  I found these pretty small delicate flowers that had a lot of blooms on one stem for $1.

I bought about 20 of them in 2 shades of purple, white and green along with 3 big hydrangea blooms.  I also bought a grapevine wreath.  The grapevine wreath makes this project a breeze.  I simply started to stick the stem of the flower into the grapevine wreath.  I kept making my way around arranging the colors how I liked them.  Any stems that stick out to much can be cut with wire cutters.  Also, if any part of the flowers stick out a little too far, you can tie them to the wreath with flower wire.  

I cut the hydrangea stems low and fixed them into the wreath.  I also cut the leaves off the stem to add some green to the wreath.  I love the way it came out!  I saw wreaths that I did not love as much in the store for $50 and this probably cost me $20 total.  (Probably would have been cheaper if I waited for the flowers to be on sale but I am impatient when I have a project in mind!)