Monday, June 8, 2015

DIY Heat Transfer Onesies & Kid's Clothes

I have a problem when it comes to crafts. I can not stay on any one thing too long. I become completely obsessed with whatever new thing I have started and then quickly move on to something else. Right now I am all about my Silhouette CAMEO. I love the heat transfer vinyl and have been making everything from baby onesies, to T-shirts from my son to customizing outfits for my niece. The custom onesies make a great gift and a fun way to personalize something for someone's little one. Here are a few I have made recently. 

 I love Silhouette's online store and all the designs you can purchase. Recently there was a sale on the Warner Bros. designs and I picked out a few cool Batman designs for my guy. He thought he was pretty cool when he saw me make him a custom shirt. 

 Everything seems to be monogramed lately. It is a fun way to turn something ordinary into something that feels fancy.  I have a VERY fancy niece. (I might be partially to blame for this. Having 2 boys I enjoy any opportunity to make something fun and girly!!!!) I found a couple cute but plain dresses when I was out and decided they would be the perfect canvas for a monogram.

Next I want to make something for myself. The hard part is deciding what to make first!