Monday, December 5, 2011

Ornament Wreath

While browsing Pinterest a few months ago I came across these instructions for a really cute ornament wreath.  Over the weekend I gave it a try and I am really excited about the way it came out.  I used mostly ornaments in varying sizes from the dollar store and a few extra I had around the house.  

I like that my wreath has no real pattern to it (not that I could have made one if I wanted to.)  I do think my bow skills could use a little work.  At the end of this season I am going to buy a bunch of discounted ornaments and make a few of these wreaths for family and friends for next year.  Hopefully by then I will have gotten better at bows!!!


  1. It looks really effective, I like it :) xo

  2. I really enjoy reading your creative ideas on your blog so I am showing you some love by giving you a little blog award. Go to my blog to check it out. =)

  3. That is creative and cute! Stopping through from MBC. New follower:)

  4. Just made one of those! So cute! Love the blog! following you back!

  5. Hi, this wreath looks amazing, I love it! the colors, the shine, just love it! congrats in your work.
    I am here visiting from crafty moms at MBC & now your new follower.
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    rgds, dalys (aka burundanguitas)