Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2 & 3

I missed writing last week about my second week of the healthy lifestyle challenges I have taken on so I figured I would just combine week 2 & 3.  I will say that I am pretty proud of myself.  I have not veered too far off the healthy lifestyle.  Of course I have had a cheat meal here and there but when you are eating healthy and working out 80 - 90% of the time you don't feel as guilty when you let yourself indulge.

A couple things about the clean eating challenge.  While I have not gone to the extent I probably should with the clean eating, I have cut out almost all processed food and most sugar out of my diet.  One of the hardest things for me to cut out was my coffee creamer.  I loved to have flavored creamer in my coffee in the morning but I bought a higher quality flavored coffee and I have started to not crave the creamer anymore.  Another thing I have stopped doing is eating off my kids plates!  I would make a PB&J and cut off the crust to snack on or take a few spoonfuls of mac & cheese...ya know..just to test it out.  Once you start recording what you put in your mouth and make yourself accountable it really does change the way you snack!  The hardest part of this challenge is hitting the percentage of daily protein I am supposed to eat.  It really is a daily struggle and most days I don't hit it but if I come close I am happy.

P90X3 has been great so far.  Yes the workouts are tough and of course there are days I do not want to do it but it is 30 minutes and I just have to walk to the basement to do it.  I can't use the excuse of it being too cold out or I don't have time because no matter what I have 30 minutes.  I also like the fact that I do not have to think.  I look at the calendar and it tells me what disc to do.  No debating which machines to use or guessing how many reps I should do.  I try my best, follow along and before I know it I am finished.  There is one workout called "the challenge" that is 30 minutes of push ups and pull ups...seriously thats it!  That gets a little crazy and I have to get a little (or a lot of) assistance with pull ups.

I can't believe how fast time is going.  I am almost complete with my month long healthy eating challenge and I am in the first transition week of P90X3.  I am excited to continue with the programs and see what I am capable of accomplishing!

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