Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Updated 5th grade bracelets

I can remember making lanyard bracelets when I was in elementary school. My mom and sister still laugh about the time I made a hot pink and green lanyard bracelet for my love....Fred Savage!! I really was convinced that I would send him that bracelet with a letter and he would dump Winnie Cooper and we would live happily ever after.

Never would I have thought that these bracelets would make a comeback. I first saw the grown up version on I SPY. Then while I was browsing Anthropologie I came across this bracelet and after seeing they were charging $48 for the bracelet I decided this would be my next DIY.

I first made this neon green and blue bracelet. The only part I had a hard time with is finishing the bracelet cleanly. There were a few imperfections but I think for my first try in 20 years it came out pretty good.

After seeing the Anthropologie bracelet I tried a long version that I could wrap around my wrist twice.
I was going to post last night but had the idea to make an all black version with gold charms. I love the way it came out and I think it looks really stylish.

I am hooked on making these bracelets again. Now if there was only a Wonder Years marathon on!

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