Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Sports Themed Chair

For a while I have been wanting to buy my son a chair.  I always feel bad when I see him watching Sesame Street while sitting on the floor.  I was very close to spending the $100+ on an over-sized chair from Pottery Barn then one day last week I was in Michael's and came across this unfinished wood chair on clearance!  The chair was originally $45 but I got it for $9!  I was really excited and now I just wish I had bought the other one that was there.

Here is a picture of the before.  There is a little bit of wood filler on the front and back of the chair to cover the nail marks.   

I found really cute sports themed scrapbook paper at Michael's.  I cut out the individual squares and using Mod Podge I adhered squares to the front and back of the chair.  After a couple of Mod Podge coats, I applied a sealer over the entire chair.  I can't wait til I see my little guy enjoying his new big boy chair!

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