Friday, September 27, 2013

How to: Throw a Great Girls Night

As I have mentioned before, there are a group of guys in my neighborhood that are in a fantasy football league and get together every Monday to watch Monday Night Football.  The wives always talk about  getting together but it hardly ever happens.  I decided to stop talking about it and organize a fun night for the ladies.

Instead of sending a standard text or email I used the app Red Stamp to create this fun invite that I was able to text everyone.

We had plenty of wine for the night but I also put out Limoncello and Prosecco to make a yummy cocktail.  Pour a splash of Limoncello into a champagne glass and fill remainder of glass with Prosecco for a delicious drink.

I love to entertain but I tend to take on too much and always make too much food.  Instead of over doing it, I decided to keep it simple but still impressive.  I love a good cheese plate so I stocked up on yummy cheese and fun items to accompany it.  I also had out 5 different crackers so people could make as many combinations as they pleased.  It was a big hit!

 Instead of making a dessert (that I know no one would eat and I would end up eating all of it the next day) I put out some bowls of candy and chocolate.  Perfect to pick at!

We had a great night snacking and chatting.  Most of us are Nashville fans too so we all watched the premier together.  Love me some Deacon!!!  Can't wait for the next girls night!

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  1. Sounds like a fun night out! Sure do miss Shindiggin' with our friends too!