Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Party Perfection

We are moving into holiday time, and with that comes tons of invitations to parties, happy hour functions, and special events. Sometimes women struggle with what really is the right look to wear among co-workers, in-laws, and acquaintances. We don't want to overdue it. This outfit is not too hot, think little black dress with a plunging V neck. It's not too cold, think buttoned up cardigan and corduroys. This look is just right. The ensemble has just the right amount of dress-up to be able to wear to any one of those fun outings. And, emerald green is one the best colors for the upcoming months, as it screams holiday.

1. Crepe Jacket/ H&M/ $49.95
2. Scuba Top/ Intermix/ $39.00
3. Arctic Feather Earrings/ Anthropologie/ $14.95
4. Paneled Clutch/ Forever 21/ $19.80
5. Skinny Ankle Jeans/ Kohls/ $26.40
6. Capri/ Barneys New York/ $79

 From Amie's Fashion File

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