Thursday, November 7, 2013

"10 Things To Do Each Day" Sign

For the past 10 years my whole family has taken a vacation for a week to Rhode Island every summer.  It was only last year that we discovered the cutest shop minutes from the house we stay in.  The shop features all sorts of great beach themed housewares that I absolutely love and after this past summer I walked away with more than a few DIY ideas.  This sign was the first thing I decided to make my own.  

My husband recently treated himself to a new router and cut out 2 pieces of wood for me to choose from. 

After picking the rectangular piece I typed up all 10 sayings in different fonts and layed them out on the  wood for positioning.

Once all in place I rubbed pencil on the back of each piece of paper and traced the letters.

After tracing all the letters I picked out the paints I wanted to use and started painting....very carefully.

Each letter was painted at least once.  Some needed a second and third coat to fill them in and make the paint look even.  I found an image of a scroll online, printed, traced and painted it on to give the sign a finished look.

I am really happy with the way this sign came out and have it hanging next to the boys room.  Such a simple list and I am going to try to do each one every day!