Monday, October 14, 2013

Black & White Weekend Wear

Amie has done it again.  She has put together a fun, fabulous outfit that I am going to be duplicating!

Everyone has a go-to outfit for the weekend.  This is the perfect ensemble to throw on for just about anything on a Saturday or Sunday. Brunch with the girls, shopping in the city, movie night, whatever.  And, if you're chasing around little ones, pair the look with ballet flats or boots without a heel.  But, if you can manage, the over the knee boots are all the rage. These boots from Steve Madden prove a bit more comfortable with a wedge heel, rather than a skinny spiked one. 

1. Mini Brim Fedora/ Calypso/ $59.00
2.1969 Ponte Legging Jeans/ Gap/ $69.95
5. BAFFEL/ Steve Madden/ $118.98
6. Uptown Drop Earrings/ Ann Taylor/ $38

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